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We work tirelessly to bring an individual uniqueness to each project we are entrusted with.

Our PASSION for our work creates a PRIDE in all we do to make sure each project is PERFECT for each of our clients.

Joshua David (Founder)

We are a company with over a decade of hard work bringing excellence to everything we do. Here at JDD, we pride ourselves on working with individuals, athletes, businesses, churches and non-profits to provide them with the ability to have technological relevancy at affordable prices. Our designs employ some of the most creative functionality and style to help you stand out in a cookie cutter online world.

We are a one stop shop for all of your digital design needs. We utilize the latest WordPress technology, video production, graphic design, print materials, iBook Authorship and marketing to help you achieve and exceed all of your digital design needs. All of our production work takes place in house, we do not use third party vendors for any of our work. This means we are able to cut out any middle men and drastically improve industry standard production times, from months to weeks.


The secret to a fast and reliable website is hosting

Everyone wants a unique and custom website but most are not aware that to accomplish that there must be a server where there site is stored and accessed by others. Your server technology and speed will either deter or engage people. Have you ever tried to go to a website and find it not loading or taking FOR-EV-ER to load? There are a few factors in why this happens, one being internet speed and traffic while the other is the performance of your server.

We offer our clients cutting edge cloud hosting with 8 CPU cores and 8 GB of ram. Our hosting is some of the fastest and most reliable out there. Whether your site is built by us or not we offer hosting to anyone in need. Along with our fast and reliable hosting we include the very best security and backup protocols to keep your information safe.

In the age of Google and Amazon, consumers have a myriad of websites at their fingertips to meet whatever need they might have.
Does yours stand out?

When it comes to an online presence most people know they need one and that’s about it. Here at JDD we work hard to help educate you on what it takes to have a strong online presence.
From hosting, servers, responsive content, layout and design; we work hard to help you get a clear understanding of what it takes to be effective in the online marketplace.
More than ever the old saying, “You get what you pay for” is true concerning your web design company. With companies offering cheap online solutions, these sites are never truly engaging. Rather, at best, they are the reminiscent of a 1993 MySpace page. We have helped more than a few of our clients recover from being held captive by their cheap web design companies.

According to the Nielsen Norman Group,
“Users often leave Web pages in 10-20 seconds, but pages with a clear value proposition can hold people’s attention for much longer…”
To truly compete in the online arena you must have a site that is engaging, creative and easy to navigate. We believe that these are not just ideas of what sites need to compete, but should be core fundamentals in every site. That is why at JDD we work extremely hard to make sure each of our sites DNA encompass these three core fundamentals.

If a picture is worth a 1000 words… then one great graphic can say it all!

When you are in need of a website time is of the essence. Having to work with a web designer AND graphic designer drastically extends the completion date of your website. That is why we work hard to provide cutting edge graphics and logos to meet every graphical need of your website. Drastically cutting down project timelines and getting you an engaging and creative online presence ASAP! From headers, icons, staff head shots and so much more; we handle all of that in house to streamline the web design process.

With over 10 years of graphic design experience we have the ability to provide you with the perfect graphic for the job. Utilizing the latest software including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop we design logos, print material, bulletins, sermon series graphics, banners and graphics for your website; we do it all. 90% of ALL graphics on our sites have been made right here in house at JDD. We can design for any need, situation or celebration.

If a picture is worth 1000 words…then a video will leave you speechless!

We continue to work hard to provide all of our video production work in house, increasing turn around time and making project completion faster than most. We handle it all from start to finish. From filming, post production, editing and effects, we work hard to provide every service our clients projects will require.
Don’t know what you want, just that you need a video? We’ve got you covered there too. We will brainstorm and develop a video concept with you that effectively and creatively meets your needs. Then we execute and produce it in any format you need.

In today’s culture, consumers are inundated with advertising. Right now the greatest advertising you can hope for is to have an online video go viral; where millions of people will be exposed to your company or brand.
Some viral videos are planned and some are spontaneous. Either way with the potential for videos to garner a HUGE audience, its now more than ever, important to make sure that what you are putting out there is engaging, cutting edge and professional.

Marketing drives people from the laptop to the lobby!

From Instagram, social media outlets and websites we are inundated with things clamoring for our attention, time and finances. Marketing is a digital first impression and those impressions can mean the difference between missed opportunities or lifelong clients. Whether your marketing yourself, sermon series, business or blog we can help drive traffic and attention through our engaging digital design.

We work hard to cultivate marketing strategies to not just promote our clients businesses or brands but to drive traffic to their web presence. We love the unique challenge that each project brings to determine the best and most effective way to strategically market them for maximum impact.

Once the vision is developed its time to adopt the identity and cultivate the brand.

It’s not enough to to have a great product or vision. There must be an identifier synonymous with who you are and what you represent. Branding is a crucial step throughout the process of marketing to develop strategic identifiers that create a sense of awareness about you or your company.

From logos in all shapes, colors and sizes to banners, web graphics and social media design; branding is at the core of who you are and what your company represents. We work hard to create consistent, strategic and synonymous branding so regardless of where people are exposed to you or your company they get the right first impression every time.


Print may be largely scaled back as a medium for delivering the news but it is alive and well inside of businesses, mailboxes and non-profits. Whether your in need of a book cover for your new book, informational pamphlet, brochure, guest card, bulletin or any other printable material to help aide in your marketing strategy; WE GOT YOU!

From banners to bulletins we will develop the perfect solution to meet your needs. From postcards, bulletins, flyers, banners and so much more we have done it all. We can aide in the project from concept to content to connecting it to your people.

The new digital frontier is here and it’s digital authorship

With the creation of digital books through iBooks and Kindle there is now an entirely new way for people to access books and information. Are you blogger, writer or just like to write short stories? Well now you have an avenue to publish all your work for others to enjoy and generate profit for yourself.

Whether its a collection of sermons, blogs, stories or a novel; we will work hard to format it in an engaging digital form for use across multiple platforms and give you the opportunity to get your work read by thousands as well as cultivate a new stream of revenue.

Thrive Church

Joshua David Designs is a talented design studio who helped develop & launch our website. They have a great eye for detail, are fun to work with and insightful. They are a passionate design studio that is always willing to help.

Hector Gutierrez, Lead Pastor

Simply Design Studios

Finding the right person who can take your creative vision and turn it into something tangible is a wonderful experience made possible by Joshua David Designs. After sharing what I had in mind, they were able to catch my vision and bring it to life in the form of design and video media. They are extremely talented and their work displays the quality that I can proudly display in my own business. I would highly recommend Joshua David Designs for all of your graphic and production needs.

Sharon Biddinger, CEO

Words For Women

Joshua David Designs went above and beyond to ensure that our website upheld the professionalism it needed while still reflecting our personality.

He communicated every step of the process so we understood why certain designs would benefit us the best.

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Cassandra White, Founder

Coach Mike Mitchell

Working with Joshua David Designs was a great experience!

From their knowledge, creativity and affordability, I would highly recommend them.

I was thoroughly impressed with their professionalism, level of excellence and tenacity to meet and exceed my expectations.

National/International Championship Football Coach

Hillcrest Church

Professional. Creative. Innovative.

That’s how Joshua David Designs does everything.

Worth every penny!

Brian Compton, Lead Pastor


We have had the privilege of designing the web presence of some amazing companies and people. Check them out by clicking on the picture to visit their site and see our work in action. To start your web design project today click the link below to contact us and get your project started!

From branding, logos, print material, web design, socical media and so much more we handle all of your graphic design needs. Here are some of our latest graphic design projects. To start your graphic design project today click the link below to contact us and get your project started!

From commercials, promos, digital broadcasts and social media marketing videos, we’ve done it all! Here are some of the latest amazing projects we’ve had the privilege to produce. To start your video project today click the link below to contact us and get your project started!

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